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Shawn's Archery Instruction Toronto

Shawn's Archery Instruction offers archery lessons to 

individuals at any stage of training. Coaching is given at the individual level, and each class may consist of students from beginner to intermediate levels. Each person advances differently, and also has a different body type. This style of training allows those capable of moving forward faster, or those who need more time, to be able to get exactly what they need from their instructor. 

Anyone is welcome, whether you would like to shoot for fun, compete, or simply be part of the archery community where you will meet amazing people while learning this amazing sport!


  • “Was an awesome experience. Shawn was a great instructor, provided hands on, personal guidance. Would definitely recommend.”–Danny P.

  • “Excellent instruction in not just the how, but the why - a lesson in physics, physiology and sometimes humility. " - Anthony S.

  • “A lot of fun. Will do again sometime. Sooner rather than later... Addictive!”– Kelly O.

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